21st May 2008 "Barker's Dozen" Friendship Note Card Packs rekindle friendships, make new fur friends and raise funds for our best friends

SAN DIEGO, CA. – announces the release of the "Barkers Dozen" Friendship Pack to celebrate "National Old Friends, New Friends Week." (May 18-25, 2008.) Thirteen all-occasion note cards for dog lovers provides a simple, yet powerful tool to help humans de-stress, reconnect with friends and raise funds for pet adoptions and spay/neuter expenses.

The Dog Captions note cards feature man's best friend in precarious and precocious poses with captions that state the obscure or offer advice “Psst. You just stepped in poop” “If you let us out we’ll show you where they keep the steaks” and “Look tough … and never let them smell cookies on your breath.”

Up to fifty-percent of profits from the sale of Friendship Card Pack (and other products sold at will be distributed between animal-support organizations including and The fundraiser begins on May 18th and ends on May 31st.

Pet suppliers, book publishers, cartoonists, artists – animal lovers all - have contributed to make this event
F-U-N and successful. For example, every card pack order includes a “surprise” gift. Gifts include: dog nail trims from PetSmart, Cat & Postmen Cookies contributed by, Pet Portraits from Picture People, Comedy CDs “Are We Dizzy Yet?” by Karen Rontowski and books for dog lovers including The Dog Diet, Woman’s Best Friend, and Don’t Pet A Pooch While He’s Pooping.

“Friendship, two-footed and four-footed, is full of surprises and fun. So is our product.” says co-founder, Viveca Stone-Berry.

The Dog Captions’ dogs (and one cat) were photographed at San Diego beaches and parks by Rich Stone, an American Airlines Captain and former F-14 pilot. His sister Viveca, a volunteer at her local animal shelter, is charged with spreading the word about the fund-raiser and the importance of putting friendship first during this special week.

"Humans need a touchy-feely opportunity to focus on recharging relationships – a way to make new friends and keep the old," states Stone-Berry. "And we need to lighten up and laugh it up. Our inboxes are out of space - our mailboxes are full of bills and we're deluged with stressful news. Yikes!”

Research published by a plethora of sources shows:

• The proportion of workers who describe themselves as "feeling highly stressed" more than doubled when cell phones became main stream in 1985. (Source: The American Institute of Stress)

• The number of people stating they have no one with whom to discuss important matters doubled between 1985 and 2004. (Duke Study “Social Isolation in America: Changes in Core Discussion Networks Over Two Decades.”)

• "Loneliness" is a major precipitant of stress, depression, alcoholism, diabetes, heart disease and a wide range of other medical problems. (Dr. James Lynch, author, The Broken Heart: the Medical Consequences of Loneliness)

• The March 2008 Gallup Poll revealed a surge in the percentage of Americans who worry "a great deal" about the economy. (March 28, 2008 "Economic Anxiety Surges in Past Year")

"Pets, and particularly dogs, are a natural link to this special week," says Stone-Berry. "They help humans overcome daily challenges, provide companionship, and are frequently a way for people to link together. Studies show pet owners have an easier time meeting people and making new friends."

The Barker's Dozen greeting cards are packaged in a reusable tote and include astro-bright red envelopes, a pen, mini address book and a “Bark Mark” bookmark.

Barker's Dozen Friendship Packs go on sale May 18th. They can be purchased for $19.95 plus shipping and handling at


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