Dog Lover Fundraiser for SPCA - March 2008

10th March 2008
Fredericksburg SPCA Uses Unique Dog Lover Gift for Local Fundraiser

Fredericksburg, VA: The “Barker’s Dozen Greeting Card Pack,” a motley pack of comedic dog themed photos plus special offers from PetSmart and Picture People is now available for sale at SPCA Fredericksburg.

All of the profits generated from the sale of the Barker's Dozen cards will be used to raise money for spay, neuter and adoption services through the Fredericksburg SPCA. Statistics from Spay USA tell us, "Each day 10,000 humans are born in the U.S. and every day 70,000 puppies and kittens are born. As long as these birth rates exist there will never be enough homes for all the animals.”

SPCA Fredericksburg is a no-kill humane care center that houses 90 animals daily at their small facility and through their foster care program. Founded in 1943, it is a private non-profit institution that raises 100% of their annual operating budget through fund raising and donations. The Barker's Dozen fundraiser promotes two-footed and four-footed friendship while raising money to help with the SPCA’s most basic needs.

The Barker's Dozen contains thirteen all-occasion greeting cards featuring dogs (and one kitten) photographed by Rich Stone. Currently an American Airlines Captain, Rich is a former Navy pilot and life-long animal lover. When he's not in the air, Rich spends time with his dog, Hunter, a ten year old Ridgeback, who is featured in a few of the photos.

"When my sister, Viveca, moved from San Diego to Fredericksburg, I began sending her funny photos of my dog park outings. I added captions to cheer her up.” states Richard. “Who knew this would turn into an opportunity to do what I love -- photograph dogs – make people laugh and help dogs and cats go home."

Viveca Stone-Berry married and relocated to Fredericksburg in 2005, leaving her family, friends, dog pack and dog beach behind. She was homesick and lonely and began looking for opportunities to make new friends, while giving back to the community. Stone-Berry became a volunteer dog walker at Fredericksburg SPCA in February 2007. It wasn't long before she saw the potential for combining her brother's photography talents and humor with the facility's fundraising efforts.

Viveca states, "The idea of the Barker's Dozen came to me during one of my dog walking sessions. After brainstorming with Richard, we put together a collection of dog photographs with quirky captions and shared the idea with SPCA Fredericksburg. They loved ‘em but sent us back to drawing board. You see a number of the photos showed dogs missing collars and identification tags. That detail is a life-saver and not just in print.”

According to, more than 10 million pets become lost every year. More than 90 percent of those with no ID tags will never return home. "Many of the animals brought to the shelter have no ID tags, making it nearly impossible to locate their owners", states Debra Joseph, the SPCA’s executive director. "The Barker's Dozen promotes responsible pet ownership while raising funds for the shelter. It's a win-win situation!"

The Barker's Dozen Friendship Greeting Cards Set includes thirteen 5- by 7-inch cards with envelopes. Hilarious or heartfelt messages grace the front of each card, while the back includes photos of Hunter. Also included, while supplies last, is a Free nail trim from PetSmart, an $8 value and Free 8x10 or 10x13 pet portrait from Picture People, a $20 value.

At a cost of only $14.99 per set, the Barker's Dozen offers an exceptional value and makes it the perfect dog lover’s gift.

The Barker's Dozen can be purchased directly from the Fredericksburg SPCA, located at 1523 Olde William Street in Fredericksburg, Virginia or online from Melissa Felts e-Bay Store. ( Additional fundraising events and sponsorship opportunities are posted at Fredericksburg SPCA website.

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Contact Information:
Viveca Stone-Berry
10321 Antietam Court
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Phone: (540) 207-1889